About TempTooth

We show you how to make a replacement tooth with the Dentist Recommended TempTooth kit.
If you are missing a tooth you know how embarrassing it can be to smile or speak with a gap in your mouth. You can't help but feel somewhat self-conscious.

You've probably been exploring your options for replacing a missing tooth. They involve expensive procedures by your dentist. Your only choices are having either a BRIDGE made or having an IMPLANT inserted. There's also an option called a FLIPPER. But it's also hundreds of dollars and is generally only recommended as a temporary fix while you're waiting for your BRIDGE or IMPLANT.

So, what if you don't have dental insurance or the insurance you do have is inadequate to cover most of the cost? Do you just live with a missing tooth? There is an answer.


The TempTooth Method is our process that enables you to construct a temporary tooth that is INEXPENSIVE, realistic, durable, safe, and lasting. A temporary, easy solution that will enable you to smile again until you can afford a more permanent tooth replacement. The FAQs page explains more about the TempTooth Method of creating a cosmetic tooth.

More Testimonials...

"This is amazing. There is nothing like it anywhere as far as I could find--and I searched and searched. The guy who invented this is a genius--the big dark hole in my smile is gone. If you are missing a tooth, don't think twice about trying this product..and so inexpensive!" George M. Los Angeles Ca.

"Have just received the product. Within 15 minutes I had a replacement tooth. So easy to do. I just wish I had found your product a few months ago! The best few quid I've ever spent." Lee C. Lancashire, England

"Just wanted to tell you that I made my tooth and it sure looks good. I will say this, this is some amazing stuff. I will definitely be in touch if I need some more." Kathy R. Mitchum, Surrey, England "This product is amazing! It's saved me nearly $600.00 for a temporary flipper again. It's also much more durable than the flipper which broke within two weeks. I can smile and talk again without having to try and hide the black tell-tale space in my mouth that has made me self-conscious for the last two years! I can't thank you enough. Thank you Thank you!"- Jessica M.



Get the FAQs about temporary tooth replacement with the innovative TempTooth method!